Most Common Awnings: Retractable Deck Awnings

In order to understand why retractable deck awnings are a great asset and the most popular type of awning, you should understand why decks are important and useful. We are not talking decks of cards, or parts of a skateboard. Those decks are in a whole different class than the decks we are referring to.

Awnings for decks of all types

The type of decks we are referring to are the kinds attached onto homes or businesses that add to the living space and design. These decks are typically an outdoor, flat, floor-like surface that is able to hold weight. Often, decks will be attached to buildings with paths leading from one structure to the other. Most of the time decks are elevated off of the ground.
Deck awnings near a pool

Traditionally decks were built out of wood, but nowadays many other materials are being used that last longer and are just as sturdy. Some of the more popular choices for material are cedar, treated lumber, teak, composite, aluminum, PET plastic, polystyrene and high density polyethylene.

Before all of the wood substitutes came out, Redwood, Western Red Cedar, and Atlantic White Cedar were the most popular choice. After time, there were problems with excessive logging of these trees and other materials had to be integrated to build decks and other wood based products.
Deck awning over patio furiture

Decks and retractable awnings are usually paired together since awnings can protect the deck from harmful weather conditions without the need to build a permanent roof. Since the awnings are retractable they are perfect for extending across your deck on a hot or rainy day. You can buy commercial retractable awnings that are already made to fit standard areas or you can have one custom made to fit your specific deck area. In most cases, awnings are made out of very strong material to be able to withstand a variety of weather environments.

When buying retractable awnings you have two options, you may purchase an automatic awning, or a manual one. With a manual retractable awning, there is a handle that you crank to expand or retract the awning. The automatic retractable awnings work in the same fashion, but instead of a handle to crank, you press a button and the automatic powered awning expands and retracts by itself, making set-up and take down very effortless. There are many producers of commercial and custom retractable awnings, including manual and automatic, and most companies will offer free installation with a purchase.

Retractable awnings are a magnificent way to keep rain and direct sunlight off of your deck while still keeping the design of your deck the same.

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