Beginner Guide to Constructing a Deck

Many homeowners have decided to improve their properties value by completing various projects without calling for professional assistance. These DIY (do-it-yourself) people have thought themselves important skills that will not only add value to their property, but provide enjoyment and fulfillment with the projects they finish.

If you consider yourself a DIY type of person, or would like to become one, learning skills to build your own deck can be quite beneficial. A deck is basically an elevated floor outside that can be used as a lounge area or as a connecting path to different doors in your house or even different buildings. Decks consist of beams and posts that hold the deck together above the ground, and a floor material which is usually wood or another similar material. Deck pics with joistsDepending on what you need the deck for, there are several designs to choose from. Some of the more popular deck designs are free form, rectangular, square, and multi-level, which can add character to any home. To avoid expensive mistakes or spending too much time on one thing, you will want to carefully think about what you want and how you are going to accomplish it.

Guide to building a deck
To build a sturdy foundation and deck, you are going to need concrete footings, concrete piers, posts, beams, decking material, ledger boards, joists and rim joists. Other optional features to add to your deck are rails, stairs, and benches. Seeing as decks are for outdoor use, you should use materials that are going to withstand all weather conditions. If you choose to use lumber for your deck, be sure it is stained or pressurized so it does not rot or decay. Pressure treated lumber is a good choice for wood posts, beams, and joints so they last longer and are durable. For the floor of the deck, some well-liked lumber choices are redwood, cedar, and cypress. The piers and footings generally are concrete to create a solid and sturdy foundation for your deck. If your deck is adjacent to your home, you should bolt ledger boards to the foundation or frame of your home as well as having supportive pressure treated posts to keep the deck level.

There is many websites that have precise directions and very helpful information when you are considering building a deck. It’s recommended to hire professionals if you have never built any kind of structure before.

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