Different Types of Decks That Contain Furniture

A large percentage of decks will have some sort of furniture.  When you hear about deck furniture, it normally thought of as deckchairs.  Deckchairs are generally chairs that are made for outdoor use, can recline, fold, and are meant to compliment your deck or patio as well as provide you a place to relax.

Outdoor deck furnitures

Deckchairs are made to be comfy and relaxing and are usually made out of either metal or wood and have vinyl or another similar fabric for the backrest and seat cushion.  These comfortable chairs are a wonderful asset to have on your deck.

Lounging/Observation Decks

The term deck is considered a flat, floor-like surface that is normally elevated off the ground and used outdoors.  Decks are mainly used off the side, back, or front of houses or buildings and can also act as a connecting path to other entrances or buildings.
Deck furniture and benches

Since decks are made to be used outside, typically you can find them made out of strong lumber such as Cedar and Redwood.  Since these types of lumber were so commonly being used, they became over logged and alternative materials started to be used.  Today, deck can be made out of mahogany, ipe, teak, composite, pressure treated wood, various blended plastics, and even aluminum.

Decks are built to be outside therefore are designed to stand strong and withstand all the different weather conditions.  Oftentimes you can find deck furniture placed on decks to add to the tranquil and relaxing environment that decks have.

Cruise Ship Decks

Furniture on decks indoor and outdoor
When someone says the word deck, many people think of a ship’s deck.  Cruise ships are thought of to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable decks, so it is not shocking that deck furniture can be found scattered on cruise ship decks.   The deck furniture on cruise ships can be a great place to bathe in the sun or lie out and look at the stars as you gently sail across the globe on one of the most pristine decks in the world.

Pool Decks

A lot of pools will have a deck that wraps around them, and can be another common area to find deck furniture.  Decks are great assets to swimming pools because after a nice dip in the pool, you can lie out on the deck furniture and relax in the sun.  Not to mention a pool deck looks more professional as well as being very practical.

These are some of the more common decks that you can find deck furniture being utilized on.

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Most Common Awnings: Retractable Deck Awnings

In order to understand why retractable deck awnings are a great asset and the most popular type of awning, you should understand why decks are important and useful. We are not talking decks of cards, or parts of a skateboard. Those decks are in a whole different class than the decks we are referring to.

Awnings for decks of all types

The type of decks we are referring to are the kinds attached onto homes or businesses that add to the living space and design. These decks are typically an outdoor, flat, floor-like surface that is able to hold weight. Often, decks will be attached to buildings with paths leading from one structure to the other. Most of the time decks are elevated off of the ground.
Deck awnings near a pool

Traditionally decks were built out of wood, but nowadays many other materials are being used that last longer and are just as sturdy. Some of the more popular choices for material are cedar, treated lumber, teak, composite, aluminum, PET plastic, polystyrene and high density polyethylene.

Before all of the wood substitutes came out, Redwood, Western Red Cedar, and Atlantic White Cedar were the most popular choice. After time, there were problems with excessive logging of these trees and other materials had to be integrated to build decks and other wood based products.
Deck awning over patio furiture

Decks and retractable awnings are usually paired together since awnings can protect the deck from harmful weather conditions without the need to build a permanent roof. Since the awnings are retractable they are perfect for extending across your deck on a hot or rainy day. You can buy commercial retractable awnings that are already made to fit standard areas or you can have one custom made to fit your specific deck area. In most cases, awnings are made out of very strong material to be able to withstand a variety of weather environments.

When buying retractable awnings you have two options, you may purchase an automatic awning, or a manual one. With a manual retractable awning, there is a handle that you crank to expand or retract the awning. The automatic retractable awnings work in the same fashion, but instead of a handle to crank, you press a button and the automatic powered awning expands and retracts by itself, making set-up and take down very effortless. There are many producers of commercial and custom retractable awnings, including manual and automatic, and most companies will offer free installation with a purchase.

Retractable awnings are a magnificent way to keep rain and direct sunlight off of your deck while still keeping the design of your deck the same.

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Beginner Guide to Constructing a Deck

Many homeowners have decided to improve their properties value by completing various projects without calling for professional assistance. These DIY (do-it-yourself) people have thought themselves important skills that will not only add value to their property, but provide enjoyment and fulfillment with the projects they finish.

If you consider yourself a DIY type of person, or would like to become one, learning skills to build your own deck can be quite beneficial. A deck is basically an elevated floor outside that can be used as a lounge area or as a connecting path to different doors in your house or even different buildings. Decks consist of beams and posts that hold the deck together above the ground, and a floor material which is usually wood or another similar material. Deck pics with joistsDepending on what you need the deck for, there are several designs to choose from. Some of the more popular deck designs are free form, rectangular, square, and multi-level, which can add character to any home. To avoid expensive mistakes or spending too much time on one thing, you will want to carefully think about what you want and how you are going to accomplish it.

Guide to building a deck
To build a sturdy foundation and deck, you are going to need concrete footings, concrete piers, posts, beams, decking material, ledger boards, joists and rim joists. Other optional features to add to your deck are rails, stairs, and benches. Seeing as decks are for outdoor use, you should use materials that are going to withstand all weather conditions. If you choose to use lumber for your deck, be sure it is stained or pressurized so it does not rot or decay. Pressure treated lumber is a good choice for wood posts, beams, and joints so they last longer and are durable. For the floor of the deck, some well-liked lumber choices are redwood, cedar, and cypress. The piers and footings generally are concrete to create a solid and sturdy foundation for your deck. If your deck is adjacent to your home, you should bolt ledger boards to the foundation or frame of your home as well as having supportive pressure treated posts to keep the deck level.

There is many websites that have precise directions and very helpful information when you are considering building a deck. It’s recommended to hire professionals if you have never built any kind of structure before.

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Cable Rail Systems For New Yorkers

Cable Rail by Stainless Cable & Railing

Here at STAINLESS CABLE & RAIL™ we provide outstanding cable rail for your home or business needs. We use 316 grade Stainless Steel so our cable rails are strong, durable, and protected from weather corrosion for many years, not to mention they look exceptionally elegant.


Stainless Cable & Rail offers two sizes of cable rail. There is a 3/16 inch diameter, which is thicker and more durable, and usually used for commercial and industrial rails.  We also offer a 1/8 inch diameter that is smaller and more popular for residential deck uses.

You may order your cable rail to be cut exactly to the dimensions that you need or you may order a spool of cable to be used as you wish.

Cable Rail on a balcony in NYCCable rail for the New York and Manhattan Area

There are two structure styles offered to carry out your cable rail setup.

1. For straight or mostly straight projects with minor curves, we recommend 1×19 STAINLESS CABLE RAIL. This means that there are 19 individual wires that are weaved together to produce one thick, sturdy cable.

2. For projects that have a lot of curves and bends, a 7×7 STAINLESS CABLE RAIL is advised.  This cable is made from 7 individual wires that are intertwined to create one cable, and then seven of those cables are formed into one.  This cable is more bendable than the 1×19 cable.

These cable rail can withhold up to 3,303 lbs before breaking.

At STAINLESS CABLE & RAIL we offer the most excellent and most cost efficient cable rail available.  To guarantee your cable performs optimally, use either STAINLESS CABLE & RAIL PROFESSIONAL SWAGING SERVICE or one of our recommended tools for HAND SWAGING.

Reminder: STAINLESS CABLE & RAIL™ products must only be used for its intended purpose to ensure safety. Be sure to stick within the safety guidelines and not use the cables for any lifting of heavy materials.

Decks completed with an aluminum railing systems by Stainless Cable Rail is warrantied for 10 years against all weather related issues.

Available upon request: Chemical Analysis and Mill Test Certification

Cable rail Manhattan NY Near the Water

Provided below are several choices to order stainless cable.

If you are looking for an estimate or if would like help designing your own unique cable rail project, please e-mail, fax, or call and we will be happy to serve you.  You may also send non-technical drawings to us.  Someone will respond to you within 24 hours.   We look forward to hearing from you about our cable rail systems.

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